We open up a few spots every year for outside horses to be trained here on the ranch. We are mostly busy with training our own horses and that's why we only have limited spots available.

All training will be in hands of Lissy (Master Level 4 Irwin Inisghts trainer and coach), but she has the assistance of our ranch team who are always there to support, offer a fresh perspective and with each one of us having our own specialty we believe we always come to great results.

We train all horses using the Irwin Inisghts method, which we believe is the best way to create amazing, willing and happy horses. With a herd of 30 horses on the ranch who all came from different backgrounds (some of them rescues), and who are now all working, enjoying their job and are all happy and healthy we have seen time after time that this method is just amazing. We always get compliments of how our horses are responsive, active and alert but very well behaving and willing to work, for which we thank Chris Irwin for bringing this method into our lives, and into our horses lives.

We believe that using this method we can understand and communicate with the horses in a way they understand, we can give them confidence and make them trust and respect us as their leaders. 

When we train your horses we believe in working closely together with you as well. Besides training your horse we want to help you build a relationship with your horse, to create a life long bond of trust and respect between you and your horse. During the training you are always welcome to visit the ranch and watch any training session, we will keep you updated through videos, pictures and phone calls, we'll give you a login to our horse management app which will give you the ability to read up on your horses health, feed and training record at any time, which means as soon as we add a training note (which we do after every session) you'll be able to read it right away. 

For more information or discuss the possibilities please give us a call or send us an email: 250 566 4100 or

Horse Training on
Willow Ranch

Training with an open mind, with a passion to bring out the best in every horse while loving what we do every day.