trail rides

There is no better way to experience the Canadian mountains than on horseback. Our ranch is surrounded by crown land (forest and mountains) so we have endless riding possibilities right at our doorstep.

We offer all sorts of trail rides and we are always happy to customize any trail to your needs. We always try to go with small groups, to keep the rides nice for any level of rider. Some of the trails we offer:

Family loop/pony trail         $35

For the smaller kids we offer our pony ride, a fun loop which takes about 30 minutes. The horse will be held by one of our staff members to keep it safe and fun even for the littlest kids. It's also possible for the parents to join on horseback.

Explorer Ride          $75
Our most popular ride! A 1.5 hour ride which has everything that a good trail ride needs. A very nice ride for any level rider, as we can adjust our route to meet your needs and abilities.

Viewpoint ride          $175

A 4 -5 hour ride through the mountains with amazing views. This ride includes a lunch package and snacks.

Adventure Ride        $230

A 5-6 hour ride. Spend the full day in the saddle going through the mountains, have some great climbs up to enjoy the amazing views! This ride includes a lunch and snacks.

Wrangler ride          $60 per person per hour

Customize a trail completely to how you want it. You'll be guaranteed to go with your own group only and you can request a guide (or translator) in your own language (Dutch, French, German and Swiss German). Starting at 3 hours the ride includes a snack and starting at 4 hours a snack and a lunch package.