We are working hard on changing and upgrading our ranch and are excited to open our trail rides back up in the spring of 2022.

Our team of equine professionals genuinely care about providing you with an epic, customized equestrian adventure that exceeds your wildest dreams.  We understand and appreciate that you have plenty of guest ranches to choose from that offer trail rides into the mountains.  So why choose Willow Ranch?   3 significant reasons…


1: Way beyond a typical “dude ranch”, where robot-like horses are used as beasts of burden, at Willow Ranch our herd of horses are well-trained instead of “broke”.  Our horses are bonded with people, they are conscious instead of “checked out”, and they are willing partners who enjoy being with people.  Our horses are literally part of the family. 


2: There is no better way to experience the magic of the mountains than from the saddle of a well-trained horse.   However, that joyful feeling can so often be compromised if guests are required to ride within a large group of people you don’t know.  At Willow Ranch we understand and appreciate your desire to ride within the privacy of your own group, with your family and friends, and so our customized trail rides are exclusive to you and yours on horses selected specific to your needs.


3: When you arrive at Willow Ranch you will not find our horses tied up, already saddled, mindlessly waiting for the next rider.  Instead, your customized ride begins with a “get-to-know-you” discussion with your trail guide so that we can select the perfect horse that aligns with your goals and experience.  


Some people want to stay at a walk out on the trail for an easy-going ride.  Some want to trot and climb higher to take in the most majestic views.  Some people are chompin’-at-the-bit to let loose and gallop in the sand!  



Whatever your dream adventure on horseback, our guides do their best to make those dreams come true.  Each ride will begin with a few quick tips on how we work with our horses and then away we go!  


Out on the trail your guide will answer any questions you might have and offer further riding advice if you want.  Or sometimes maybe you just want the ride to be quiet.  Your guide will also take lots of photos for you so that you have wonderful digital memories to take home.  


After the ride you’re welcome to join us at the barn café for a complimentary refreshment and to just sit back, exhale, relax, and bask in the glorious nature surrounding Willow Ranch.


Please keep in mind that we do not overwork our horses so there will be limited availability on a day-to-day basis.  We advise that you reserve your trail ride with as much advance notice as possible.  

Prices and Bookings

The prices for our trails:

1st hour                            $70 pp

per hour after 1st hour  $60 pp

These prices are all taxes included.

To book a ride with us please

give us a call: +1 250 566 4100

or send us an email:
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Trail Rides FAQ

What's the minimum age to go on a trail ride?

jThe minimum age to go on a trail ride with us is 10. We do offer family rides for families with younger kids staying on the ranch.

Do you have a weight limit? Why do you have a weight limit?

Yes we have a weight limit. What the weight limit is depends on your height, on your riding experience and on what trail you'd like to go on. We have a weight limit because some of our rides are intense for our horses and we at the moment unfortunately don't have horses in our herd that can carry heavier riders.

Why can I not saddle or unsaddle my horse?

Because we believe it's best for our horses to have consistency. We train them in a specific way, and thats what they're used to. We are always happy to explain you more about our way of training! If you would like to spend more time with your horse before the ride, we advise you to book a lesson, that way you can learn to bond with your horse in a way they are used to. We always take the time to introduce you to your horse and give you all the info you need, and give you a chance to bond after they are saddled.

Can I see your horses before I decide to book a trail ride with you?

Yes definitely! Feel free to stop by any time during our opening hours! We are always happy to show you around and explain you more about our horses and their lives.

Do I have to ride with a helmet?

Yes.We believe it's best to protect your brain. Therefore all our guides will also wear a helmet, and we ask that of our guest as well. We have helmets and cowboy boots available for you on the ranch, free of charge ofcourse.

I'm a beginner at horse riding  or have never ridden before, can I still go on a ride?

Yes definitely! We have horses that take great care of beginner riders! And as the rides are completely adjusted to your wishes and level we can make sure you have a safe and fun experience! We do give an extensive demo before the ride and there is always staff with you while mounting and when you take your first step to make sure you feel comfortable and confident when heading out on the ride.

Do you go on runs on out on the trail ride?

Yes, but that does depend on your level of riding. While being out on the trail the guides decide if they feel it's safe or not to pick up some speed, and if they do, and everyone in your group feels comfortable they love to take you on a run. Please note that that does depend on the experience and confidence of the whole group you come with.