An all inclusive Irwin Insights Vacation.

Insights for Executive Coaching ~ Masters Course

A 4-day Master Certification Course designed exclusively for business owners, executives, managers, entrepreneurs, and certified Executive Coaches and Teamwork/Leadership Consultants.



Participants are not required to have previous experience with horses.  



The famed pro baseball player turned coach, Yogi Berra, when asked why he was more successful as a coach then he was as a player, offered a profoundly simple response… “In theory, there is no difference between practice and theory.  In practice, there is.”

As most business owners and executives know, there is no shortage of consultants who can talk the talk of leadership theory and emotional intelligence - but they have never walked the walk of practically leading a team through critical challenges in business.  They only know and can share leadership theory. 

Furthering the disconnect between theory and practice, the horses in most Executive Coaching programs are used as archetypal catalysts to spur human emotions from participants.  This experiences with the horses can enable the coach to then make a metaphorical transfer to how the executive relates to challenges in life, business, leadership, and team building.  

This modality is extremely limited because leaders need more than mere theory and metaphors to experience truly meaningful insights into their own behavior.

Irwin Insights significantly raises the bar of efficacy, ethics, and sustainability in Executive Coaching with horses.  Practical life-skills in accountability and responsiveness are enriched as participants strive to become who the horses truly need us to be as leaders.

Far beyond games and metaphors is the authentic experience of learning how to lead horses with the integrity of our real behavior and competency.  We balance essential life skills such as awareness with focus, patience with decisiveness, sensitivity with assertiveness, and boundaries with receptivity, all while building upon a foundation of consistency, clarity, compassion, calm and confidence.

When Executive Coaches and leaders can reach beyond theory and metaphors and truly become well-grounded in their practice of real-live essential horse handling skills, then and only then do we make the paradigm shift from theoretical understanding in the mind to mentoring the actions that lead by example.  

When are the metaphors appropriate and meaningful?  Sigmund Freud, the father of modern psychology, said that the connection between our conscious and unconscious minds is much like the relationship between a horse and rider.  And as Oscar Wilde said, “Far back in the recess of our minds, a dark horse prances.”  

So, first, to not put the proverbial cart before the horse, we need to set aside the metaphors and literally develop a much deeper understanding and greater practical ability with the horses.  

With the leadership competencies discovered and developed with Chris Irwin’s revolutionary insights into the true nature of horses we have a new ability for bringing metaphors into meaningful practice in the personal training of our own inner horses.   



  • • Develop essential handling and groundwork skills with horses

  • • Discover the counter-intuitive psychology of primal leadership

  • • Increased awareness for the cause & effect of body language

  • • Enhanced awareness for alignment of relationships

  • • Developing focus for personal accountability

  • • Practical distinctions between being assertive or aggressive

  • • Practical distinctions between being empathetic or passively pathetic

  • • Balance of leading with being of service

  • • Redefining confidence as the calm within the storm

  • • Redefining the essence of boundaries

  • • Balance of respect with trust

  • • Balance of patience with decisiveness

  • • Balance of intention with action

  • • Balance of integrity with compromise

  • • Balance of idealism with pragmatism

  • • Enhanced awareness for balance of body, mind, and spirit

  • • Redefining past experiences to increase presence in the moment 

  • • Embracing the vulnerability of leadership

  • • The distinction between intuition and illusions 

  • • Transmuting blame and anger into tolerance and forgiveness 

  • • Transforming uncertainty and chaos into creativity and opportunity

  • • Practical insights for transitions and change management 

  • • How to rekindle inspiration and motivation

  • • Practical insights for maximizing teamwork

  • • Practical insights for enhancing innovative thinking

  • • Networking with high integrity colleagues

  • • Enjoy the option of magnificent trail rides into the Canadian Rockies!



The Buck Stops Here course includes daily theory sessions along with private and group coaching with the horses. 

A credit/Skill Certificate is issued upon completion of the course.  1St Level Master Certification in Irwin Insights requires a total of 10 credits.

Additional credits/skill certificates for essential handling skills and groundwork exercises can be achieved in this course during the time dedicated to training with the horses.

Each of the following Insights can be achieved to earn additional credits towards Master Certification.


  • • Horse Handling Essentials:  Levels 1 & 2 = 2 credits

  • • Loose Leading:     Levels 1 & 2 = 2 credits

  • • In-Hand Leading:   Levels 1 & 2 = 2 credits

  • • Lunge:  Levels 1 & 2 = 2 credits

  • • Round Pen: = 1 credit 

  • • Long Lines (Ground Driving): Levels 1 & 2 = 2 credits

Upcoming Date(s):

Due to COVID-19 we will not have courses in 2021,  but stay tuned for 2022 dates

All Inclusive

All the Irwin Insights courses are All inclusive, this means that we completely take care of you! You do not have to worry about anything, and can completely focus on processing all the information you receive during the course.

While staying in one of our cozy and state-of-the-art cabins the Willow Ranch team will take care of all your meals, snack and drinks. 


At Willow Ranch we love to take care of people, so we will make sure that we will do everything we can to provide you with everything you need. 

Do you want to relax a bit after a day of learning, and want to see the beautiful nature around the ranch? Our guides love to take you on a short ride at the end of the course day.  Do you want to wake up watching the horses while enjoying delicious Italian espresso? The Willow Ranch team will make sure you get that. Are you worried how to get to the ranch from Edmonton Airport? Our shuttle will take care of that! Wondering what to do in your down time? Use of our gym, library and "ranchgames" are also included.

We believe that offering all inclusive, really means all inclusive! 


The use of our horses for the course is also included, but if you prefer to bring your own horse(s). We have a horse hotel where your horse can stay in during the course. And of course this is also included in the course. 

Other Options

Its important to us that everyone can enjoy a holiday at Willow Ranch exactly how they like it. 

Thats is why we like to offer some different options of how you can join us for the course besides our all inclusive option.


Join for the course and the meals, but stay somewhere else. A great option for guest that are traveling with their own camper or RV (we have some spots on the ranch where you can park your RV). 


Join in for the full course but take care of your own meals. A great option for guest that live in the area.

More info and Sign Up

To sign up or for more information on our course please send us an email  ( or give us a call ( +1 250 566 4100)