Video Lesson Basic

Video Lesson Basic


We're passionate about teaching and sharing our extensive knowledge in the Irwin Insights and horse body language! We're always working on making our horse feel and be the best they can be. We love that our horses love working with us and it's always our main goal to make them feel good in their body and mind, and it is and has been our passion for years to share that with others. And we're super excited to now also be sharing that passion from a distance through our video lessons! 

We can work on any subject you'd like (groundwork or riding) and with horses and people from all different ages, training and experience levels.


Video Lesson Basic

Get a detailed written report with tips and exercises on your video.


How it works.

You tape a video of you working with your horse, this could be groundwork or riding, (max 20 minutes). We will go over your video minute by minute and we write you a detailed report with useful tips to improve your skills!

Once you've purchased a lesson through the web shop you'll receive a download link to a file that explains the process in detail. Our video lessons are available in English and Dutch