Horse Holidays

Willow Ranch is the perfect destination for your dream horse holiday. 

With endless trails right at our door step, great set up on the ranch and certification and extensive knowledge of the Chris Irwin (Irwin Insights) method we are the an amazing horse holiday destination.

Pick our Learning Holiday to work on your horsemanship and our riding skills, a Riding Holiday for exploring all the beautiful trails surrounding the ranch or enjoy a family holiday or get away with our Family Holiday! A great vacation for families with younger kids.

We have set up example package for each of our holidays below, but we are always happy to work with you in adjusting the holiday to your wishes and needs. We can combine the different holidays, adjust the length or the amount of lessons and trails.

Learning Holiday

A week of learning as much as you can!

Enjoy a holiday relaxing in the beautiful Canadian mountains while upgrading your skills or get started in the beautiful world of horses.

Learn how to create a mutual bond of trust and respect with your horse, learn to play with your horse at liberty, and learn to read horse body language and communicate with them in a way they understand. Work on a great seat while riding, work on your confidence while riding or doing ground work with your horse or work on learning to ride through obstacles.

Our head trainer and coach, Lissy Hendriks, is a Master Level 4 Irwin Insights certified trainer. The Irwin Insights is the base to anything we work on training our horses and teaching our lessons. Work towards skills and/or master certification or get your certification to the next level! No knowledge of the Irwin Insights method, that’s no problem. We will happily give you a good start.

Every Learning Holiday program is completely adjusted to your level, wishes and goals so it’s made to always fit your needs. So if you want to work upgrading your Irwin Insights skills or want to learn how to train young horses or if you're completely new to horses and want a solid start in horsemanship or riding, we have a great program for you!

We have a great variety of horses on the ranch so we can always find the right match for you and what you want to work on.

Riding Holiday

A week filled with trails! With so many trails around the ranch you can never get enough, so enjoy a week full of riding.

Go on a trail ride every day, to explore as many of the rides we have around here.

An amazing horse holiday, riding through the endless trails in the Canadian mountains, join our ranch family around the campfire and enjoy Canadian ranch life in beautiful Valemount.

This program will still give you plenty of time off to enjoy all that Valemount has to offer, we’re happy to help you out with filling your afternoons with fun activities in Valemount (ATVing, Jeep tour, Rafting etc.)

Family Holiday

A perfect family get away for families with younger kids!

Give kids a great introduction to horses! Learn all about the care, safe handling and riding horses, while having loads of fun! Get the kids a great start in the world of horses.

After the first lessons enjoy some shorter trail rides together with the whole family!

Extra info

Valemount had many great activities and adventures to offer (Hiking, Biking, Rafting, Jeep safaris etc) and we are always happy to help you complete your holiday by helping you find and booking additional activities. All of the holidays above leave enough time to add other activities to your Horse Holiday or get away or of course to just relax and enjoy the beautiful views.

As the lessons, rides and workshops are adjusted to the level of each individual guest, these holidays are great for any level of rider and any level of experience in the Chris Irwin (Irwin insights) method.

We have all levels of horses available on the ranch so there's always a great match for you, what you want to work on and you'll feel comfortable with.

If you don't see any option that meets your needs please feel free to contact us as we are always happy to customize any horse holiday to your own wishes.

The learning holiday can also be booked together with your own horse to work on issues specific to your horse, work together with our certified Irwin Insights trainers and your own horse to get a better bond and understanding with your horse.

For more info, Pricing or bookings

Please contact us for more info, any questions or to make reservations.