horse activities

We offer all sorts of horse activities, from pony rides for little kids and half an hour family loop to half day trail rides, all sorts of lessons in riding and horsemanship and a variety of demos and workshops. Even if you just want to experience ranch life you’re more than welcome to come and do that at Willow Ranch. Please let us know your wishes and we’ll try and make them come true.

We have a great herd of horses here on the ranch. A very mixed herd, we have everything from miniature horses to big drafts, some rescues, some experienced mountain horses, some well trained horses. This means we will always have the right match for you, whatever your goal may be.

We are a fully insured and certified ranch. We follow the Irwin Insights method (learning to think horse, speak horse, and play horse games by horse rules to be the better horse). Our head trail guide and manager of the horse experience, Lissy Hendriks, is a Irwin Insights Master level 4 certified trainer and coach.

Throughout the season we offer specialty riding weekends, and different course and clinics with Chris Irwin (Irwin Insights), see our events page for more info.

For more information on Chris Irwin and Irwin Insights please have a look on his website.