Irwin Insights Courses

Together with Chris Irwin we've developed this great opportunity to combine a holiday in the Canadian Rocky mountains with intensive learning of the Irwin Insights method to get you all prepared to get certified or to get your certification to the next level. 

We can't believe we're getting ready for our fourth season of Irwin Insights Courses! We've made a small change to our 2020 courses; New this year is our Expert course, which will only be open to returning course guest. We’re really excited to get the opportunity to work on a completely new curriculum and can’t wait to share the Irwin Insights info more in depth.

12 day certification program

In this 12 day program our Master Level 4 certified trainer Lissy Hendriks works together with Chris Irwin to develop a custom designed program completely to your needs. You'll spend 9 days working closely together with Lissy and our other certified trainers to get you all ready, and the last 2 days are spend with Chris Irwin.

Our certification course is designed to work towards clear goals, while enjoying the relaxed atmosphere on the ranch.

Our courses, except for the Expert Course, are open to all levels of Irwin Insights. We will make sure you get to work on your own level and guarantee a great and fun learning experience for all levels. Due to the many different levels of horses on the ranch (We currently have a herd of 32, all different and unique characters and a different level of training) and the presence of multiple certified Irwin Insights trainer (during the courses we always work with a team of 3 or 4 certified Irwin Insights trainers and coaches) we will work with you and on your level during each of the courses.

2020 Courses

In 2020 we offer 2 Irwin Insights courses, starting dates: May 24 and August 16. Our Expert Course will start on July 5. Each course includes 9 full days of learning, a day off to enjoy our trail rides or one of the many fun activities Valemount has to offer. After the 10 days Chris Irwin will join us on the ranch to work with you towards your certification.

Although our main lesson program is in English we have lessons and/or translation available in Dutch, German, Swiss German and French.


We offer the Irwin insight certification course in an all inclusive or a course only version.

When choosing the all inclusive version of the course you'll be staying in one of our luxurious cabins, get breakfast delivered to your cabin every morning, enjoy snacks and lunch on the ranch during the day and join our ranch family for dinner and around the campfire. 

Do you live nearby or do you prefer staying somewhere else? You can choose our course only, which includes the full course, with lunch and snacks throughout the day and our first and last day ranch diners and campfires.

More info

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